Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Have you tried one of these?

Sooooo tasty and I can eat a PB&J @ any time of day. I have been using them as fuel for an after work swim (they are 210 calories a pop). They come frozen, so they are perfect on a ride as well. By the time it thaws out in the pocket of your jersey you are ready for some more fuel. And the great thing is that because its sealed, no sticky mess!

However, @ $2.99 for a box of 4 of em, or 75 cents a pop, I think I can do better. I was pointed to the Pamered Chef's Cut N Seal tool. So now you can make yourself! Im gonna give it a shot. The tool is only $9. I wish it was a tad larger than 3.5 inches.

But now the question is how do you seal em? Well I will want to make a bunch @ a time and seal and freeze them to last for a few weeks, even up to a month, so it looks like I have two options.

The frisper: looks like it is a bit complicated, but MUCH cheaper.

Or the gold standard of vacuum sealing food, The Food Saver: which would cost approximately 40 boxes, or 160 individual uncrustables. supermarket only sells the grape flavor, and Im a strawberry jam kinda guy...what to do, what to do. The OCD and type A in me says make em yourself! The practical and realistic side says go buy em, they are pretty cheap. Your thoughts?

A food sealer isnt just for making PB&J Sandwiches. You can marinade steak or chicken in 2 hours because with no air, the liquids have no choice but to fill the meat. I do have one of those 20% off coupons somewhere....

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  1. Before I went on my restricted diet I loved those things. I also preferred the strawberry! The whole wheat with honey and PB is also yummy. That cut and seal thing is pretty cool! Can't you just put them in ziploc bags after?


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