Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ok weather, you win

Uuuuummmm, its the middle of October and we were surprised with some thick sleet yesterday. Fortunately I got out for my run yesterday morning and did 4 miles before this utterly nasty weather began....still it was definately the coldest run yet since the summer....I had on a vest, gloves, head bandana thingy, and running pants.

Now for this morning, I threw in the towel. Woke up @ 6:10, heard the pouring rain and didnt even want to contemplate getting onto the dreadmill.

So Mr. Weather, you win! :)


  1. no sleet here, but lots of wind, rain, and cold weather. BOOOOOO

  2. I did the same thing this morning. I couldn't even walk to the gym in this nasty weather!

  3. Even with as much as I'm dying to run, I wouldn't have run in this nasty weather!


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