Thursday, October 1, 2009

Next year's race schedule is made

Amongst a number of duathlons and running races, these will be my three main races for next year:
June 6th, Mooseman 70.3
August 22nd, Timberman 70.3
November 7th, NYC Marathon

I just registered today for the two half Ironmans and I have qualified for NYC already. The great thing about the two HIM's is that they are home territory for me. I used to ride the roads of Mooseman in high school when I was on the cycling team.

I mean, I LITERALLY learned how to ride a road bike around Newfound Lake when I was 16. I remember bonking for the first time ever on one cold ride ride around the lake where we were sprinting for town lines to build up pizza points. i.e. you win a town line, you get a free slice of pizza. Unfortunately (and fortunately) one of my teammates at the time was a guy named Robbie King, who just destroyed everybody on that ride and that season and took overall honors for our region that year. His brother, by the way, races for the Cervelo Test team and was supporting the 2008 Tour de France winner, Carlos Sastre, in this past year's edition of the Giro d'Italia.

I rambled off a bit there, but it shows that this is another home comfort race for me, just like Timberman, which is on the lake I grew up on.

Oh, and Timberman, my goal next year is to improve on the run, so your so-called half marathon is going DOWN!!!!

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  1. Sounds like a good schedule! Two half-ironmans huh? How long until you really get crazy and transition to a full? :)


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