Sunday, October 25, 2009

just going going going

So on Friday I did 3 miles in 27:00 flat. Just took it easy and felt REALLY good after my hilly-ish 5 miler the day before.

Yesterday it poured all day long, so I spun my legs out for an hour on the trainer. I think that did the trick, because....

this morning I just got back from a 6 miler in some perfect perfect PERFECT fall running weather. I ran up this short but really steep hill around mile 5 and my breathing was perfectly under control. That is one of those hills that totally takes you above and beyond threshold. So in other words, it was a good run. I did it in 54:28 for a 9:05 pace. Perfect.

I have really been trying to go slower on my runs. I realized the other week that running sub 9 min miles right now day after day on short distances makes me feel so much more tired than running a 9:00 min pace and doing more volume. Its all about load.

Load = volume * intensity.

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