Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 2 2

A lot of 2's over the past 2 days. I did my 2nd tango lesson. We learned how to turn and the women learned the "ocho." In other words, Im doing a lot of standing while the woman does all of the work. We improved a LOT over the past week. We had been struggling a bit with the basic parallel step, but since learning the turn and ocho, the basic parallel step suddenly feels easier.

Then this morning I got out for my 2nd run back. I will admit first though that my quads were sore yesterday from Monday's run. Amazing! Months and months of building it up, 2 weeks to lose it. haha!

The run this morning felt great with some more awesome running weather. Did 3.1 for a slow 29:40 or a 9:34 pace. Just went slow and steady.

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