Monday, March 30, 2009

woooooah where have I been?

Its been a week! Yikes!

I basically had a recovery week since the duathlon on March 21st, and recover I did! I took it REALLY easy.

But I am back. Today marks the return to a somewhat hard week, mostly short but intense stuff.

This morning I tried out a new (to me) pool and found it to be half as expensive and 3X cleaner! So I think I am gonna make the switch. Plus I can swim here on lunch! Its also not a chlorine pool, so whatever they use to clean it rocks.

Then tonight I got hooked up to the VO2Max machine again on the dreadmill to reassess my running heart rate zones. This is mostly to see how much I have improved in almost 12 weeks. I have improved a lot from the preliminary report. The formal report will be out tomorrow.

Its getting rapidly nicer outside. Unfortunately it is still freaking dark in the mornings, but its getting lighter. Lunch runs will still be available as long as the spring rains stay put.

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  1. Is it saltwater? I swim in a saltwater pool at my gym but it doens't feel/ smell/ taste like saltwater ...


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