Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a GOOD day!

wow, did I say good? yes, I finally said a GOOD day. I slept in til 7:30 because I was able to run during my lunch break today. Ah yes, I have found a solution to early morning run' @ lunch instead! this allows me to sleep in. Getting up @ 6 has always put a dent into my day. Fortunately my work has a brand spanking new gym with showers. (so I don't stink out my co-workers :) )

My run was 4.09 miles which I did in 36:53, or a bit over a 9 min/mile. I was going EASY EASY EASY with a HUGE hill @ the end, so I was excited to see a solid pace despite my easy easy effort level. I barely climbed out of zone 2. Here look @ this graph:

Then tonight I had my 4th swim class. It went MUCH better. We didn't do any speed work and instead did skulling drills to feel for a catch and to engage those large lat muscles. I, on the other hand, worked on other things besides that, cuz my hand entry sucks and if that is off, trying to get a good catch is thrown out the window.

So basically my swim instructor had me do crazy hand entry where I did fist drils where I drilled my hand almost straight down towards the bottom of the pool. It helped a lot as I did not drop my elbow (as bad). Then once my hand enters, I need to keep my elbow up (by not rolling my shoulder and dropping the elbow) and reach out until I feel my lat (the armpit area) stretch. That means I have engaged that muscle and at that point, I can start my pull.

It will be a swim drill fest tomorrow night @ the pool.


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