Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dreadmill and swim class #5

Did 30 mins @ a 10 min/mile pace on the dreadmill this morning. I felt good the entire way, even though I was going super easy. I just wanted to see how my legs were coping. I think they are somewhat fresh-ish.

Then tonight I had swim class #5 already. It was another frustrating night, but at least I am still recognizing my faults in my swim stroke and I have an idea on how to correct them. Basically tonight's big revelation was the catch. I do not have a good catch, so my body starts to rotate before I start my pull, losing about 25% of my drive. I need to be patient, make sure I plant that catch, start the pull which will force the roll. This will eliminate the need to roll then pull, which is weak and has little drive to it. Guess I get to do some more drills come friday.

We did 1600 yards tonight. Thats a lot when doing pure drills over 45 mins. We did this drill called "Postion 11." Its a modified catchup drill where your arms are extended straight out and you pull with one arm and let it recover to the top, wait a few beats, then pull with the other arm. The goal is to get a good catch by folding your forearm down, then keep your elbow has high as possible through the pull. This will put some strain on your shoulder, but it helps simulate what a high elbow should feel like from the catch through the pull.

I am up to 3600 yards for the week so far. I think I will break my 4000 yards/week goal this week.


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