Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a run too good to be true

I went out today in 54 degree sunny weather for a run at lunch. Oh man it felt awesome! I was actually overheating @ one point! It was nice to be out in shorts and a short sleeved jersey finally.

I knocked out a strong 6.67 mile run in 57:45 for an 8:39 min/mile average, and I took it sorta easy! So I will take that!!! Especially after a race on Saturday, chased an ex pro for 29 miles on Sunday, easy swim on Monday, hard by strong spin class last night, and now this. Man, I just need to carry this form until Saturday.

Unfortunately the run turned out to be to good to be true because I ended up with a blister on my the ball of my left food :(


My left ankle has been feeling weak and I have been pronating my foot inwards every now and then. The force of my foot on the ground when I do this is directly upon where I got my blister. Duuuuhhhh!......I prolly shouldn't do that!

I am nervous for Saturday's duathlon in Prospect Park but I am mentally getting ready for it. I haven't done a single brick workout since last September so Saturday will be a good indicator on whether or not brick workouts are crap or are a necessary thing. It should be a good test.

Last year I did 1:47 and change. This year my running has improved IMMENSLY so I am looking foward to seeing gains there. My biking form is somewhere out in a black hole of the unkown, but I will be in an aero position this year with power meter to guide my effort (as well as RPE of course :) ).

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  1. Ugh, sorry about the blister. // GREAT run, though ! Good luck at the du !


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