Thursday, March 19, 2009

uh oh....what goes up, must come down

and it sure came down! my 5 day high of awesome workouts finally came to an end today.

I hopped onto the trainer for an hour spin this morning and the #'s weren't great:

I averaged a whopping 125 watts for 1 hour. Wow....thats freaking SLOW.

Then tonigh I hopped into the pool for a total of 22 mins for a whopping 800 yards. Thats even SLOWER!!!

So I rewarded myself with a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce when I got back home :)

EASY EASY EASY!!! 4 mile run tomorrow then the race on Saturday.

Oh and those blisters have mysteriously diseappeared. I think they went into hiding but are still there. I am still gonna tape up tomorrow for the run.

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  1. you'd do better if you just rested. Pushing yourself further into over training, or just holding yourself static in the hole you have already dug is not going to benefit you on raceday.

    rest up,


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