Sunday, March 15, 2009

its been a few days

So going back to Thursday, I got out on my TT bike for a 10 mile spin. That ride was basically a test to see how I did in the aero position and to see if I could ride that bike next weekend's duathlon. Everything went well I had a 2-3 mile stretch of ride where I was able to pick it up a bit in the aero position. So this will be the bike of choice. I just wish I could climb better on that bike.

Friday I ran @ lunch for an easy easy 4 miles. I finished up the giant hill at work VERY slowly, to preserve my legs for Saturday's 5 mile race....

....which went VERY well. I did 39:28 or a 7:56 min/mile pace. My goal was to do an 8:15 pace to simulate next weekend's duathlon running portions. I thought I was doing that pace but I ended up going a bit faster, but at the intensity that I felt comfortable at. So I am seeing that as a good thing? I think I could hold it back half a notch next weekend, especially on the first run to save my legs for the bike. Then the second run will be an all out survival fest.

Bike ride today!

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  1. Nice race and WTG on beating your goal pace by 20 sec/ mile!


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