Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prospect Park Duathlon, take 2, a year later

This morning I did the Prospect Park Spring Duathlon in Brooklyn. This was my first ever multi-sport race that I did exactly one year ago today, so it was cool to repeat it and see how I have progressed in a year's time. I basically slaughtered last year's time!

Unfortunately due to the cold this morning they shortened the bike from 4 laps to 3, so my time isn't a direct comparison to last year's. Fortunately because I have some data from my GPS watch and my PowerTap computer, I can figure out my speed on the bike and figure out what I *might* have done had there been an extra lap.

So today's (unofficial) time is:

The (unofficial) breakdowns are:
Run #1: 24:04 / 7:46 min/miles
Transition #1: 1:45 (what was I doing!?!?!?!?)
Bike: 30:53 / 19.94 mph
Transition #2: 0:55 (a bit better, what huh?)
Run #2: 25:24 / 8:12 min/miles

So those are some pretty sweet numbers for me. For me, I KILLED that course today! For the first run, I was about ~20 seconds off of my stand alone 5K time, the bike was really fast considering the not-so-large amount of riding that I have done so far this season, and the 2nd run was faster than the first run that I did last year.

Had there been a 4th lap on the bike, I would have put up a time of ~41:11, so that would have made my overall time @ 1:33:12. This of course does not factor in the extra amount of fatigue from that extra loop which would have slowed me a bit on the bike and probably the run. How much? I have no idea and I am not gonna worry about it, BECAUSE!!!!

Last year's time was: 1:47:02
This year's (adjusted time) is: 1:33:12

Time difference: 13:50

WHHHHAAAATTT!!! I shave off almost 14 minutes in one year!!!!!


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  1. WAY TO GO !! awesome job ... what a difference a year makes !


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