Thursday, March 5, 2009

strength and outdoor bike

This morning I hit the gym for a 45 min strength routine. I am definately seeing improvement in my strength. The real indicator was during my 2 fly sets, where you lay on your back on the bench, and swing your arms from the top to the side with 15lb weights in each hand. The first time I did this with my coach, I could only swim about 1-2 feet to each side before I had to come back up to the top. This morning I was able to do 2 X 15 rep sets and go from the top all the way to the bottom and back. Thats improvement!

Then I went out during my lunch break for a 45 min 11 mile ride. Just took it easy. My legs were shit but I got them semi-loose by the end.

When I left tonight @ 6, it was a LOT brighter out than a week ago. Yay!


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