Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coogan's Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K

I completed race #4 this morning, this time up in Washington Heights waaaaaaaay up on 173 st. It was a 5K and I didn't go as hard as I did last weekend. My time was 25:40, or an 8:17 min/mile pace. Thats a really good pace for not going hard and in fact I think I found my 5K pace for my upcoming duathlon and also a good pace for a 5+ mile race, because I could have held that pace for much longer.

This was a fun race because it was an out and back, so you were able to see the elites coming towards you. They were booking it and making it look easy! There were 4 of them keeping pace with each other. I think the winner outkicked the other guy @ the finish in 14:39 or something. Thats insane! I saw them @ mile 1 when they were @ mile 2. yeah.....

There were tons of bands and music out lining the streets. The two best were a REALLY good mariachi band and a high school marching band that was putting out a good beat.

My legs were not firing on all cylinders and I was in a crowded corral, so there was NO room to go fast cuz you would be weaving in and out of people and cutting off people for the entire 5K, which is kinda a rude thing to do, so I held back. It was good though as I will take the 8:17 pace and I learned what holding back is and I found a new pace for some longer runs.

I will take this as a more educational and testing experience rather than a raw "lets see how fast you can go" experience.


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