Friday, March 6, 2009

outdoor run and swim

Got outdoors again today which makes it 3 days in a row! all of that snow that we got early this week has almost all melted, thanks to wonderful 48 degree weather we had. It felt like 60 out!

I ran 4.19 miles and I was hurting for about 3.19 of it. Funny how it wasn't until I hit the final huge hill that I started to loosen up, and then I felt AWESOME after it right when I stopped. I went 16 seconds/min/mile faster this time around, so my heart rate was a bit higher:

Then tonigth I hopped into the pool for 1600 yards, brining my week's yardage to 4000 yards. My goal for this month is to put in 16000 yards. That would be my most ever in a month.

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  1. I usually feel crappy on a run until I hit 3ish miles. I need time to warm up and get my heart rate up and get into a rhythem. I am also LOVING this weather !!!


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