Monday, March 9, 2009

2000 yarder

So I have come to the conclusion, compared to last year, that swimming is my weakness, by a LOT.

I am struggling with it, a LOT.

But I put in 2000 yards tonight, and I got so frustrated with my terrible pull that at one point I hopped out of the pool, grabbed a pull bouy and jumped back in and did a bunch of 100 pull, 100 swim drill sets. It helped, a LOT. My right pull feels so much better, and my left pull doesn't feel like I am pulling nothing.

I remember last season struggling with the running, unable to increase my speed an distance. Well I finally went to war with the running and now I consider myself a "runner".

Hopefully one day I can consider myself a "swimmer". Maybe one day.

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  1. Jon, I have an article that explains why swimming is so difficult. Send me an email and I'll email it back to you.


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