Saturday, July 19, 2008

the weather and I tied today

I was winning at about 10 AM this morning. Cloudy and overcast it was perfect for my 2 hour ride with 10 second sprints.

Then the fog burned off and let the sun through. And it got hot.

I rode from Center Harbor out to Sandwich and back 2 times, because it always takes me exactly and hour to do the trip. I definately did it a lot faster today, shaving off 10 minutes over the 32 times compare to what I usually do it in. I averaged 17.5 mph and I know I could have done it even faster.

Then I bricked it with a short 10 min run ( in the HOT heat). The cool thing about the run is that I shot off like a rocket into the run without the usual effects of a brick.

Unfortunately the heat won out but I was still able to get in the 10 min run.

Man it was hot towards the end!


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