Thursday, July 3, 2008

up in NH, 5.7 mile run

Got up to NH today. Also took yesterday completely off.

I ran 5.7 miles in about 51 minutes. It was a hilly course but was glad that it was hilly and also glad that I went at an easy pace just to get the distance in. Overall the run was a good workout but I didn't feel totally wasted after the effort.

So my goal since my last race (6/8) was to up the distance of my running. I think I have accomplished that goal. However, my frequency of biking and swimming has gone down. Also I have not done a single brick workout. YIKES! Funny how when you increase one of the three aspects of triathlon, the other two can suffer. Its like a string where both ends are on a symetrical ruler, where in the center of the stringer the ruler marker is 0, and both ends are on 1. You pull on one string (increase running) the value will increase over 1, but the other end (say swimming or biking), will decrease below one.

I think after this race that I need to learn how to stretch that string so that when I increase running, I can either keep the biking and swimming steady or increase them as well. This is all part in the learning process of triathlon.


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