Thursday, July 17, 2008

running intervals

Did some harder running stuff this morning.

1 mile warmup run
4 x 30 second fast run, 90 sec rest
6 min faster run with 3 min jog rest
1 mile cooldown

total mileage about 5 miles
took about 48 mins and change.

The 6 min fast runs were a great workout and it was fun to run at some speed. I did all of these intervals on the awesome track by my house and I figured that it would take me about 2 mins to run around the track once at this faster pace. Sure enough, it took me exactly 6 mins to run 3 laps around the track. I mean from line to line it took exactly 6 mins. I think thats kinda freaky...

But all of this means is that I was running at an average 8 min/mile pace. That is a lot faster for me, but geez, that is freaking slow compared to what a lot of others can belt out.

I am happy that my running form is starting to gain another level and running for 45 mins or longer is not as hard of a thing both physically and mentally.


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