Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Did something new tonight. Sprints!...on the bike.

Went up to SUNY Purchase and started with a warmup lap. Then did 4x 30 second sprints. The 30 seconds of going hard went by very quickly, but yet hurt.

Then I went into a ladder of sprints.

1 min sprint/1 min rest
2 min sprint/2 min rest
3 min
4 min
4 min
3 min
2 min
1 min

Unfortunately I was only able to do up to the 3 min on the down side of the ladder before I noticed my one hour of biking was up. I would have gone longer and finished, but I had somewhere to be.

The sprints felt great and I was glad to be able to do something different besides going at a steady pace all the time.

Tomorrow morning is similar stuff but on my feet on the track.


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