Thursday, July 24, 2008

running, weight, swimming

It was POURING again this morning, so off to the dreadmill I go. I haven't been on the dreadmill in a few months now. I felt wierd getting back on it.

So I was a big narcissistic during the run and noticed that I was looking a bit slimmer in the mirror while on the dreadmill compared to whenever I was on it last. Eh whatever...skinny mirrors.

The run was good. Did some speed work. The good thing about dreadmills is that it keeps your legs moving, especially during speed work. I ran about 5 miles in 46 mins and change.

Then I hopped on the scale, and sure enough I am down 10 pounds since January/February. Woo hoo! I am still 20 pounds heavier than when I finished high school....

Then tonight I hopped into the pool for 54 minutes and got in prolly another mile. Something "clicked" again with my swimming tonight. I felt really fast in the water, yet relaxed. I noticed that I was rolling more through the water and was keeping my kicking more consistent.

I hope I can remember how I did this in my race this weekend.

Speaking of the race. I am ready for it! I am not out to win it, but mostly to see the gains that I have made since my last races. There will be no splits during the race because this race's timing system blows, but hopefully I can keep track of the clock. I just want my run time to be faster!


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