Thursday, July 17, 2008

swimming and struggling

I just couldn't get a rythm down tonight in the pool. I started out with a 300 yard warmup which went well.

Then I did 8 x25 all our efforts.

Followed by 2 x 8 min with effort swims. I barely made it through the first 8 min, and the 2nd was just a disaster. I basically alternated between a 50 yard kick on back and a 50 or 100 yard freestyle.

I did learn some things though. Stroke count.

I counted my stroke during the 25 yard all out efforts and my stroke count came out to be 21 per length.

Then when I swam normal I was about 19-20 per length.

Then when I kicked on my back for 50, then immediately went back to freestyle, I got my stroke count down to 17 per length.

Soooooooo I guess all this means is that I just need to glide more and conserve my strength.

Arm rotation is crap if your aren't pulling them gliding.


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