Thursday, July 10, 2008

tough swim

Did my first official training swim. The warm up was ok, a little sore. The next sets were kicking sets on my back. They HURT! man they hurt...

then i rolled over onto my front and the strangest thing happened. I felt like I was swimming with a pull bouy and I was swimming like a freaking torpedo through the water. It was AWESOME!

Then it wore off and I started to struggle a bit. Finally by the 3rd set I was able to do it without stopping.

I cooled down on my back trying to do the backstroke. I sucked at it. I used to be REALLY good at it when I was 12 and picked it up immediately. Its a fun stroke and you can go really fast doing it.

Then I switched back over to my front for a bit and again felt that feeling like a torpedo.

I need to figure out how to maintain that feeling!


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