Friday, June 27, 2008

swim, pullbouy

I did .75 miles tonight in 33 mins. Yeah, nothing to brag about but my form overall felt like it has improved a bit. My breathing sucked and I felt a bit out of breath for most of the swim. I guess that happens when you drop your swimming volume. Ouch.

I tried out a pullbouy tonight. Its a float that goes between your thighs and keeps your legs bouyant so you can work on your arm stroke. It works! I felt immediately how I could concentrate all of my effort into my arms. Of course, when I took the bouy away I had to adjust. The bouy also helped balance me. I think using this will help a lot.

Tomorrow @ noon I have my swim lesson in the ocean. I have never really swam in the ocean other than bobbing up and down. I dont think I have ever put my face in ocean water!

I guess I am scared but also eager to get over my phobia of swimming in ocean water. I am not worried about sharks. This will help for my next two triathlons, which will both be in the ocean.


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