Monday, June 9, 2008

results for tri #2 are in!

1:42:12 for 103/286

So the cool thing about the results from this race are that I can compare them to the results of last week's race! Overall I beat last week's time by 2 mins 26 seconds. Below are the breakdowns, minus the transitions.

This week: 19:48.2
Last week: 20:12
Difference: 24 seconds

This week: 51:36.36
Last week: 52:04
Difference: 28 seconds

This week: 26:52.0
Last week: 28:09
Difference: 1:17

I am happy to see faster times overall. I was surprised that the swim went faster, as it felt slower. The bike I know I could have gone a LOT fast had I not raced the previous weekend. I am VERY happy about the run though. The fact that I shaved off 1:17 off of my time is HUGE and shows that I am improving in this part of the race.

For the next three weeks, its going to be a running boot camp.


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