Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bike ride and food journal

Did 23.46 miles tonight @ an average of 16.87 mph....I was trying to keep up my speed, but yet take it easier to save myself for tomorrow AM's 5 mile run. My thighs were a little crispy during the first half of the ride. The weather was AWESOME tonight. I wish I could have ridden longer.

I am starting to keep a food journal and record my weight. Not gonna post it here, as this is just a test to see if anything comes of it. I have been keeping track of my weight and it will vary depending mostly on water weight. I have 3-5 pound fluccuations over the course of 2-3 days. Usually the lowest is when I return from a long run and go to the bathroom.

I have lost some weight though! I was in the 173 lb range last January/February and a week ago I weighed 164,5 lbs. Of course I was prolly dehydrated and I immediately put on two pounds when I started drinking water. I haven't been trying to diet at all. I try to get enough food in so that I know I will have a succesful workout without worrying about running out of food. I am doing this and I am losing weight, then screw dieting! Of course I do need to watch what I eat, which I think I do a good job of as I don't really eat junk food, but rather try to keep to the healthier stuff. I think though that I could go a little lighter on the amount of butter and olive oil that I use in my diet. I love peaches though!

My route.


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