Wednesday, June 11, 2008

back @ it

I took two days off since the race on sunday. During that time they DQ'ed the winner since his swim was over 2 mins faster than everyone else's. Basically he started in the wrong wave.

After work I went out for the usual 3 mile run and did it in under 27:00 but I felt great during the entire run. Then I hit the pool. Its time to ramp up the volume in the pool.

After doing the usual mile or 1650 yards in the pool, my arms were not feeling as tired as they did when I did the half mile swim in my wet-suit on sunday. So I continued on for another 15 mins. I finished with some drills @ the end. I think its time to not only increase volume, but also add more and more drills. Also, I need to get out @ least once a week for an OWS.


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