Sunday, June 22, 2008

long ride, yesterday

Did 58.77 miles yesterday in a little over 3.5 hours. Averaged between 16-17 mph. For the first half of the ride, my legs felt like they were stuck in 2nd gear. I just couldn't shift up to a faster speed. I think its leftovers from that run last thursday. I had a great ride.

I checked out the course for the Greenwich Cup Triathlon at the end of July. Half the bike course is the same as the duathlon that they put on, but the other half is on a section that I have never been on, or thought I had never been on. There is one stretch that crosses over a section that I have been on a few times, and a second stretch that goes along a road that I had in fact ridden on early in the season last year. I had always wondered where that road was, well now I know.

I also did Palmer Hill Rd. I didn't want to do it and thought I could just avoid it, but I didn't realize how close to the hill I came, so I just said, "Whatever!" and went up it. I was surprised at how easy it felt. I mean I was breathing a little harder at the top, but I tried to relax my body as best as I could and keep my cadence up. It worked! I was basically able to spin up it a LOT easier than the other 3 times I have been up it. Maybe this is a tactic I should replicate during the race next month....

Here is my route:


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