Friday, June 13, 2008

and i figured it out

The cramp is from not only running first, then swimming, but also because I point my toes too hard, especially when i was doing the 25 meter, go as hard as you can, lengths. I just remembered that to dig for more power I will flex my lower legs and over time when I push off (that and the coldish water) my calf will just go BANG....CRAMP! more running then immediately swimming, or I think this is prolly a bigger issue, I need to relax my lower legs during the flutter kick, something that I should be doing anyways.

Back to the kickboard!

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  1. Cramping is caused by lack of water in your body. This can happen from not drinking enough water- especially when swimming- you don't know you are sweating. Or, you may not be getting enough cell salts. Potassium regulates the water in your cells. When you sweat you lose things like Potassium and sodium- different people lose at different rates- and you have to replace them or you cramp. I take supplements and drink ridiculous amounts of water.


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