Monday, June 2, 2008

recovery bike/swim

Did the same 55 min recovery 14.5 mile ride tonight. Took is E-A-S-Y. It was absolutely perfect riding tonight, and with no bugs.

Then I hit the pool. I only wanted to do about 1/4 mile to loosen my arms up. I did that, but had to do it in 3 sets of 4 lengths and a final set of 6 lengths. My arms are really sore from yesterday. That suit really inhibits the motion. Hopefully it will only make me stronger.

Also, I learned how to swim bilaterally tonight. I brought along my kickboard and after I did the initial 1/4 mile, I did about 8 lengths where I did left arm strokes and breathing. Then I ditched the kickboard and went for it. It felt totally natural on my first try!

I had tried this back in February and all I got out of it was a mouth full of water followed by choking and coughing, so I gave up. I think why it was so much easier this time around is that my overall body is stronger and I am able to hold my body up in the water to allow myself to roll to breath and do a left armed stroke.

I finished the swim with 2 continuous lengths of real bilateral swimming. I felt like I was swimming faster than when I just breath on my right. We shall see soon. Unfortunately I can't really do any official time tests yet because I need to put in a quality swim before my next race on sunday.


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