Wednesday, June 18, 2008

drills night

I did nothing but drills in the pool tonight. It was good. I watched some educational swim videos on and discovered some easy drills. Did these:

Drag your fingers across the water during recovery
Catch up drill (actually this is how I swim)
Pinky Drill (similar to the drag fingers drill, but more extreme)
superman one arm drill
Fist drill....prolly the best one I did...its like swimming and getting some no pull, but when you go back to using your hands, you feel like you are swimming with a 10 foot wide oar attached to your arms.
Delayed arm drill...basically when your arm is half way up out of the water, hold it, then stroke...i think this was the best drill I did besides the fist drill.

Took about 30 mins...not sure how far I swam....didnt work too hard, but I feel like I accomplished something.


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