Saturday, June 28, 2008

rescheduled and a swim to make it up

I went down to Altheus and then the trainer and I went to the beach for my lesson in the ocean. Unfortunately we had NO idea how much it was going to cost to even get INTO the place. I knew I would have to pay a parking fee, $8, but we had no idea that it would cost $8/person to get ONTO the beach itself. Not only did we have not have any cash on us @ this point, but I also didn't have enough cash left over to get us in. Doh! So we rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon. The trainer did give me a few drills to practice in the meantime...

Which I did when I got back I took a short nap and headed back to the Y and into the pool. The drills helped and after the drills I did over the past two weeks and today my stroke is starting to "feel" stronger. I think I am starting to overcome my dread of a poor stroke and I hope that soon that my stroke will start to turn around and become better. This swim workout this afternoon definately made up for the disappointment of this morning.

Also next week I AM GOING to get two OWS in in the lake. Whether I want to or not, I WILL do these two swims to get some more endurance into my body with the wet-suit on.

Another thing I noticed while looking over my training logs is the amount of volume. I really need to step up the volume. I feel confident in my abilities, but I know that I can really step it up even more now and start to get even stronger. Its good to know that I have so much more room for improvement. I actually dread the day where I hit a wall and cannot really improve much more.


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