Sunday, June 15, 2008

the billy goat bonk

I had one goal for today. Do 7 hill climbs and then go home and eat a cheeseburger. That is all.

Part of that goal was to NOT bonk. Yeah...especially up the last freaking steepest hill of em all! I was so sapped of energy going up Beemer hill that I don't really even remember most of it nor did I really feel it. All I felt was the feeling of draining water and just wanting to eat a bar of chocolate.

So three slices of pizza, a bowl of special K, half a bottle of gatorade, a triple chocolate chaos bar, and a chocolate gu was not enough fuel to get me through a 44.5 mile ride. WTF!

Well, I did the ride, and I did it in 2.75 hours with an average speed of 16.18 MPH, so I think I did REALLY well despite some poor nutritional choices. After last friday's run and resulting cramp and today's ride, I really need to rethink my nutritional choices for this week. I could really screw myself up for a week if I am not getting enough fuel!

I am better now. Here is my route for the day and elevation profile:


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