Friday, April 18, 2008

what fatigue does to you

Yesterday I did 15 miles (or 5 laps) around the 3 mile road around the local college, then I ran 1.68 miles to call the workout a brick. The run hurt more than it should have.

So today I went for a run after work. The title of this post is what fatigue does to you. Well, it will slow down your mileage pace for one and it will also cause you to take an extra 7 mins to swim a mile. Rest is a good thing....when I get to it.

Tomorrow I am scoping out the route for my upcoming duathlon race in a couple weekends.
My planned route is about 55 miles or so. I have a really bad habit of planning out a long ride and never falling through with it. That is why group rides are so good for you, because that motivation of riding with the group is right there.

Speaking of my upcoming race. Planning workouts from here till then is going to be more important. Over the past two weeks I have basically been killing myself by upping my mileage on the run but also swimming a consistent 1 mile swim with little rest. The two days I took early this week were great in that it gave me a great run and swim on tuesday and a great bike ride on wednesday, but all of yesterday and tonight I just feel fatigued. I think I have it in me to do one entire 3 mile run/15 mile bike/3 mile @ semi-race pace next week. I do think though that if I ride, i NEED to brick it to get my legs used to the bike to run transition.

I am rambling here....prolly just my "oh shit the race is 2 weeks away" panic. I should be fine for the race. The race is actually shorter than the last. 2.5 mile run/10 mile bike/2.5 mile run. The run portition is dead flat and most of the bike is too with one hill (which I am going up 2x tomorrow).

Just gotta remember to get a race belt and to get some electrical tape.


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