Thursday, April 24, 2008


Tried to do the full duathlon distance...3 mile run/15 mile bike/3 mile run....but the last run I just had to stop before I injured myself. When I ran that race in brooklyn a month ago I felt this strange twinge in my right calf at the beginning of the second run, then my calf locked up and my calf troubles began. Well at the beginning of the second run tonight, I felt that same twing and then things started locking up and I quit. I had already ran 3 miles and did 15 miles on the bike so the entire workout wasn't a total bust. There was just no need to overdo it and injure myself 10 days out from a race.

As for the run, I felt REALLY sluggish. Running in the heat and the sun basically sucks and it saps your energy. To my surprise thought I still ran about a 9:10 min mile. I was happy to be on the bike, though the first two laps really hurt, but from third onwards I started to loosen up and I felt some incredible power going into the pedals. The last lap especially I finished really strong. I wish I had a speedomitor on the bike! I felt STONG.

Then the last run started and quickly ended. Ah well.

Tomorrow first thing I am down in the city to buy a wet suit.

Buy stock in wet suits!


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