Friday, April 25, 2008

ran 5 miles!

Woke up this AM and felt like I ran 5 miles! YEAH!

And the crazy thing is that I did it in 43:57, or an 8:47/mile pace!

compare that to last night's run of crap/mile, and I am baffled. Maybe I just needed the intensity of last night to get my legs going.

I have noticed that by taking it a bit easier this week that I feel more sluggish than normal and I have put in some horrible runs where I just feel like crap!

Wasn't enough time to get down the city this AM to get the wet suit and get back before I head upstate for the night. No rush...water is too cold to swim in it anyways for another week or 2. I have time. Plus, saves me from shelling out $400.


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