Saturday, April 5, 2008

light brick tonight

just got back from doing a light brick....9 mile bike, 5K run. did it in 1 hour flat.....not that i was going for any time record...just wanted to get out there and get an outdoor run in after an actual outdoor bike.

i think i need to drop the dreadmill. it has served its purpose in keeping my legs moving...but alternating terrain is going to suit me best from this point forward. plus, any longer than 30 mins on the dreadmill is just....dreadfull...

plus it gives me an opportunity to start exploring my neighborhood a bit and ADD MILEAGE!!!

the biking portion was ok....used my TT bike....still getting handlebar position is great now. might need to tweak the seat position. Also my arms dont hurt as much from being in the position, which is a good thing.

As long as the weather holds out tomorrow, I am doing a 47 mile group ride. YES!


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