Saturday, April 19, 2008

biked 55 miles today

And I wanted my legs to fall off when I finished the ride! Overall it was a great ride and I inspected the biking leg of the my upcoming race two times. There is a hill called Palmer Hill Rd. It has "Hill" in the title so I figured that there must be a hill @ some point. When I started on the hill it lasted about two seconds and leveled off. I thought, OK, that wasn't bad...then I went around a corner and just looked up...i mean UP! They should call the road Palmer WALL rd!!! I was not expecting the hill to be that steep. Ah well, I did it 2x. Here is my route.

I only climbed 524 feet overall. It feels like I did more, but I guess the amount of the hills overall is what made it feel like I did more elevation.

This was a good ride and it definately felt good to have reconned the race route. I am going to use my TT bike for the race, though @ times (like the wall) I was I could switch to my road bike, then back to the TT bike.

Such a gorgeous day today. 70 degrees and sunny. I had to use sunscreen for the first time this year.

I am going to take a couple days off and rest my legs. They are sore and were hurting a LOT @ the end of the ride.


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