Saturday, April 12, 2008

turned out to be a gorgeous day!

The f-ing weatherman....says its gonna rain the past two saturdays. I mean 60% change of rain and thunderstorms. Thats more than a 50/50 chance of rain. Did it happen either day? NO!

Well I am glad he was wrong today. Today showed what the meaning of perfect cycling conditions are: 70 degrees flat, no wind, slight clouds with no barring down sun. Thats what I just rode through. Poor me, right? Well unfortunately my legs were a little sore not only from this past week's 10+ hours of working out (the bike ride brought me up to 10 hours 51 mins) but also my run this AM.

I did another 4 miles but on a newer route that was a lot hillier and also took me through a neighborhood of some pretty incredible houses. It was a good route and the hills on it are exactly what I am looking for. That route in the brooklyn duathlon kinda set a bar for me on what a hard course is. At the end of the run, because the hills were adding up, my heart felt like it was about to explode. I was happy that the run ended. Here is my route and elevation profile:

Then this afternoon the weather just kept getting better. I didn't feel like doing a long ride and I wanted to get some more hill work in. So I hit one of my hill climbing extravaganza hills that has about 6 good climbs in it which end with the hardest of them all. I passed a BMW as he was waiting to turn off the hill that I call "beemer hill" and I was coming onto the road. That counts, right? The hill climbing was great and @ times I didn't want to or think I could do the last two hills. HTFU! I knew I would kick myself if I didn't finish the original ride, so I HTFU and did it. I am glad I did put in the extra effort. I was kinda surprised that it took me 1:38:00 to do only 25 miles. I guess its cuz of all of the hills that I went a bit slower. I didn't feel like I was going slow up the hills. I tried to get up them @ a moderate pace. Whatever, these efforts will pay off for sure. Here is this route and elevation profile (I guess I did 835 feet of climbing...not bad!):


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