Wednesday, April 30, 2008

total implosion

I messed up my back pretty well during last friday's run. That twitch that I felt for a split second ended up being two nightswoth of pain. Who knows what the heck happened but the good news is that my back no longer hurts.

But of course as soon as I healed from that I have a freak accident with my eye. Yesterday @ the end of work I was getting ready to leave but my eye started to itch. I looked @ it in the mirror and my entire lower right eye lid tripled in size. What the heck!

I went home popped a few benedril and put ice on my eye. That did the trick, but I passed out @ 7:30 and woke up this AM @ 6:45. Since I was up early enough I went out for a 5 mile run. My legs felt AWESOME. When I was over 3 miles in and nearing the final stretch all of a sudden a side cramp hit with a vengence. Game over. I walked the remaining 2+ miles home.



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