Thursday, April 3, 2008

had a great swim tonight

i started doing 100's with 10-20 seconds of rest. I was winded after each set but eventually I started to loosen up and I just went. Did a few 150's then a few 200's. I ended the night with a 200 that just felt awesome.

My arms are a bit sore, but that is GOOD. I am making progress again in the pool.

One thing I know I am struggling with is on the bike outdoors. I am just not feeling it this year. My ride last night was great. I know I have the leg strength to do 50 miles....its just all up in the head. I think I am expecting too much out of myself too soon. I just want to do a nice and easy 30 miler with no pressures of going further.

Also, stupid weather! Make up your mind!!!! Get WARM already! this 40-50 degree with gloomy and windy skies has got to stop already!


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