Saturday, February 2, 2008

went outside today

I got outside today. It was a bit raw, but it was a HUGE relief to get outside. Indoors

The goal for today was to find my max heart rate, which I totally failed @ getting. I didn't want to do the "sprint till ya puke" method because I am riding 40 miles tomarrow down to Greenwich. However, I realized that I am going to need to use this method to find my max heart rate. I have been reading some less extreme methods @ finding the rate, but they just seem too inaccurate. For example, I had to run until I could somewhat recite a 30 second passage. So I did just that. Then you take that number(which happened to be 184) and divide it by .8. So that means that my max rate rate is 230. WHAT!!!!!


Thats a load of BS!!! haha

What this means? All of the % heart rate training that I have been doing on the bike is crap. I was doing testing throughout the bike portion of my workout today where I would try my darndest to ride in the 60-70% zone. I was riding on a flat section, in my easiest gear going pretty dang slow and not feeling very little resistence and my rate was coming out @ 70+%. Thats crap....

Fortunately it is so early in the season that just gettting out and riding is enough that I do not need to rely on the numbers from the heart rate monitor.

I did week 4.2 of The run was good. I felt the "chicken legs effect" from transitioning from the bike to the run. There is HUGE difference between biking and running indoors and outdoors. I am actually kinda scared that if I getmyself up to 3 miles running indoors that when I finally transition outdoors I might need to go backwards a bit. We shall see. Regardless, It felt GREAT running outdoors.

Also, I swam 50 laps last nite.... .71 miles. My arms are sore today, which is a good thing because thats the first time I have actually had sore arms after swimming. I guess I have two goals right now for swimming. Keep increasing the volume, but also be able to swim a quarter mile without stopping and not feel wasted. Then when I accomplish that, go for a half mile without stopping.

I think on monday or maybe wednesday I am gonna shoot for going .125 miles without stopping and take it from there.


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