Thursday, February 14, 2008

swim and ran

My swim tonight sucked....i felt outa form and winded. I swam once last week and so far once this week. I can't believe my breathing has gone out the window this fast. I bought a kick board and tested it kick sucks..

ok, enough mental garbage, the worst workouts are your best because they show REALLY show what you need to work out....MORE TIME IN THE POOL!

My run was going great, until with about 1-2 mins left i hit the emergency stop button by accident and couldn't get the f-ing dreadmill going again. MAN!

So I jumped to my left into the other dreadmill and got going again, doing and extra minute or so. Ah well. At least I finished week 5 of

I signed up for the Herriman state park triathlong today for june 8th. That will prolly be my first for the season. Time to start looking into wet suits cuz the water is gonna be FREEZING! At least I will be swimming in fresh water....


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