Friday, February 22, 2008

rode indoors and finished week 6 running

First the biking indoors...whatever

I tried to use my zones, but they are crap when riding on the indoor bike....i couldn;t get my heart rate above 120 ish...i really need to be outdoors to use them effectively. I remember when I did get outdoors that I was having the hardest time of the life keeping my heartrate BELOW a certain level that I had to work really HARD at to keep above.

Can't wait to get outside, which should be this sunday...maybe...the weather should be nice, but who knows about the roads. We got dumped on today with 6 inches of snow.

Now for the run, I felt like a machine @ times. I did 5 min walk, 25 min run, 5 mins walk. So no more walk running anymore. It is just strictly running from here on out.


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