Wednesday, February 6, 2008

finished week 4 running

I finished week 4 of running. Went too fast on the dreadmill @ first. I slowed it down @ the end and felt a LOT better. I also did the usual 40 mins on the bike. I think I am going to start tossing it up a bit and do more intensity a few times a week.

Here is a link to last saturday's ride. I think we went a slightly different route around greenwich and that is why we did almost 40 miles as opposed to the 37 and change mapmyride says. Whatever, it was a good ride (except for that crash of course).

I found place down the road that will give me an aerobic threshold test for $150. They can't do a lactate threshold test but from the sounds of it this will probably yield the results that I am looking for. Plus they won't have to prick me for blood every couple of minutes. Yay!


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