Thursday, February 7, 2008

60 laps tonight

What the title of this post says....60 laps or .85 miles. I fell 11 laps short of a mile. Ah well, I had to be somewhere (like watch LOST :) ).

The thing that I was most proud of tonight is that I swam 6 laps then rested, as opposed to 4. I am definately making progress in the pool. I just need to up the frequency of going to the pool.

I made an appointment with altheus for an anaerobic threshold (AT) test for next tuesday. I will put my bike onto a computrainer where they will monintor my breathing, heart rate and watts output. Over a 30 minute test they will determine my AT and I will be able to set my heart rate zones to start some serious training. Fortunately I am still in sorta a base training mode right now, so I am not worried too much about those higher zones, but I would rather have it now for when I do start those higher zones.

I watched 2007 Kona today. What an inspiration! A blind 60 year old guy (with a guide) completed the race. A guy with no legs on prosthetics completed the race. A 65 year old great grandmother completed the race. One day....haha

I remember watching the race back in the late 90's and thinking, "Haha, riiiiiiiiight." Now I am itching to do that day.

Gotta finish a 3mile/20 mile/3mile duathlon first....


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