Wednesday, February 13, 2008

an hour on the bike

I felt like I have been neglecting the bike lately...i mean, not being able to go outside just sucks, and i guess riding indoors just isnt the same....well it isnt but I still need to put time on on the bike.

So I put in an hour. 20 min @ ~60% MHR, then 20 min with rolling % MHR, and then another 20 min @ ~60+ MHR.

My butt hurts.

Tonight before the workout I attended a heart heart dinner/talk that talked about using a heart rate monitor. Let's just say the presenter had a hard time staying on topic and let the audience completely take over and skew him waaaaaaay off topic. Didn't learn much new stuff, but I am going to read the pamphlet he gave out. Ah well, you learn from your mistakes. @ least the $20 covered dinner!


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