Wednesday, February 27, 2008

new shoes!

Oh its like riding a brand new bike, yet your feet thank you better than your back.

I bought some Mizuno Wave Rider 11 's. Sweet shoe.

I have worn New Balance for the past.....well I had no idea what it meant to wear another brand. I tried on 3 shoes when I went to the running store. First I tried on some Asic's, which were super light and the first thing that I noticed was this incredible bounce in my stride. Then I tried on some New Balance, which felt like I was wearing bricks. Finally I tried on the the Mizuno's, which were much lighter than the New Balance and had tons more support than the Asics. In fact I did one final run with both the Asics and Mizunos on and I felt like the Asics were like moccasins they were so light. So I went with the Mizunos.

As for my workout tonight...~50 mins on the bike, which @ one point my quads tensed up...something I havent felt in awhile....i guess its a good thing.

As for the run, the mental part of running 25 mins on the dreadmill is a pain the butt. I have found that while watching commercials that if I tally up how much seconds each spot is as they come on and total the time, it makes time fly. I am wierd I know....

But I did the run. My feet don't feel as trashed, same with my knees. I still need to break the shoe in.

I am also thinking about starting to suck it up and run in the AM again. This dreadmill thing has got to end!


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