Tuesday, February 19, 2008

swim and week 6.2 run

Didnt want to kill myself 2nite with the swim, as I am going to try for a mile on thursday. So I did 50 laps in 45 mins. Im getting there but I am noticing that my form is not really that great. Funny how the more you swim the more you concentrate on your form....duh!

The run was good, 5 min walk, 10 min run, 3 min walk, 10 min run, 5 min walk. Felt great, can't wait to finish the full 3 miles in a couple of weeks AND i can't wait to get outdoors. I think attempting to do 3 miles indoors is gonna crush my motivation. I think I am gonna check out some warm weather running clothes. It doesnt seem all that bad and a lot of folks say that running out in the cold is a LOT easier than biking, cuz you dont have as much cold wind resistence hitting your body, plus your whole body is moving making you warmer.

I had my folks bring down my second bike over the weekend. Basically it has an awesome frame (aluminum, but as light as my carbon fiber bike (cuz the front and rear forks are carbon)), but the rest needs to be replaced cuz its still the leftovers from a crash that I had back in '99. I mean, everything works, just its time to replace some things, and UPGRADE!!! I am gonna do before and after pictures.

Tomarrwo night is my AT test, FINALLY....guess what, its supposed to snow again! blah...


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