Friday, February 29, 2008


did something new tonight....ran/biked/ran....all indoors, but whatever, i did it!

so i did a 5 min warmup walk, 15 mins run. Then 40 mins on the bike. Then 25 mins on the dreadmill to finish off week 7 of

Which means, that I am basically done with the couch to 5K running program now. Its time to ACTUALLY RUN a 5K. Yay!!!! Time to go outdoors! Maybe....its SNOWING again...haha

ah well, i will get out when i get out.

I am feeling a bit more prepared for my first race, a duathlon March 22nd down in Brooklyn's prospect park. I know I can do one half of the run distance. The bike is whatever, as LONG as I get onto the bike OUTSIDE!!! its getting really frustrating. Sunday is supposed to be nice-r. Cold, and windy. I think I just gotta suck it this time. HTFU!

Speaking of which, this video comes to mind. So funny!

My tri bike should hopefully be done tomarrow afternoon.


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